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Danny Masterson, the name evokes a grin as sly as Hyde’s, a smirk as sarcastic as the iconic “That ’70s Show” character. But Masterson’s story stretches far beyond groovy basements and bell-bottoms. It’s a tale of sitcom success, shocking accusations, and a controversial legal saga that continues to reverberate.

Danny Masterson From Child Actor to Comedy Star:

Born in 1976, Masterson started young, appearing in shows like “Roseanne” and “Murder, She Wrote.” His big break arrived in 1998 with “That ’70s Show,” where he landed the role that would define him for a generation: Steven Hyde. With his deadpan humor and rebellious streak, Hyde resonated with audiences, solidifying Masterson’s comedic talent.

While “That ’70s Show” remained his signature role, Masterson didn’t limit himself. He ventured into films like the Jim Carrey comedy “Yes Man” and the indie drama “The Bridge to Nowhere.” On television, he showcased his versatility with charming salesman Milo Foster in “Men at Work” and the rough-around-the-edges Rooster Bennett in “The Ranch.”

Danny Masterson Biography:

Real NameDaniel Peter Masterson
NicknamesDanny Boy, Hyde (from his iconic role in “That ’70s Show”)
Birth DateMarch 13, 1976
BirthplaceLong Island, New York, USA
Zodiac SignPisces
Age47 (as of October 26, 2023)
Height5′ 10″ (1.78 m)
Weight170 lbs (77 kg)
ProfessionActor, Producer
Total Number Of MoviesApproximately 15 (including both major and minor roles)
Net WorthEstimated to be $40 million
Income SourceActing, producing, brand endorsements (before the allegations)
Years Active1985-present
Marital StatusMarried
Current RelationshipMarried to Bijou Phillips
Partner/Wife(s)Bijou Phillips (m. 2011)
Offsprings1 daughter, Fianna Frances Masterson (b. 2014)
ParentsCarol Masterson, Peter Masterson
SiblingsChristopher Masterson (brother), Alanna Masterson (sister), Jordan Masterson (brother), Will Masterson (brother)
CousinsN/A (public information not available)
Ethnic BackgroundWhite (English, Irish, Scottish)
Number of Countries VisitedTraveled extensively for work and pleasure, exact number unknown.
Current ResidenceUnknown, likely Los Angeles, California
WikipediaDanny Masterson Wikipedia
TwitterTwitter account
Business VenturesNone currently, his former production company and other ventures were shut down after the allegations.
PetsOwns at least one dog, a Shiba Inu named Kira.
Upcoming ProjectsNone confirmed due to the ongoing legal situation.
Trivia– Was raised in a Scientology family.
– Learned magic tricks in his childhood and was briefly a professional magician.
– Has a tattoo of the Scientology symbol on his ankle.
– Is a skilled guitarist and drummer.

Scientology Shadows and Shocking Allegations:

However, Masterson’s personal life cast a long shadow. A practicing Scientologist, his affiliation with the controversial church often intertwined with headlines, especially when multiple women publicly accused him of rape in 2020. He vehemently denied the allegations, calling them “false claims.”

Facing Trial and Fallout:

Despite the denials, the accusations led to a 2023 trial, where a jury found Masterson guilty of raping three women. This verdict had immediate consequences: he was sentenced to 30 years to life in prison and removed from ongoing projects like “The Ranch.”

Appealing the Verdict and Unfolding Questions:

Maintaining his innocence, Masterson is appealing the verdict. Meanwhile, the case sparked conversations about power dynamics in Hollywood, the influence of Scientology, and the challenges of pursuing justice in sensitive cases. These remain topics of discussion even as the legal processes continue.

The case has sparked broader discussions about various critical issues:

  • Power Dynamics in Hollywood: The case has brought renewed attention to power imbalances within the entertainment industry and the challenges faced by those reporting s*xual assault.
  • Scientology’s Influence: Masterson’s affiliation with Scientology has fueled speculation about its potential role in the case and its impact on public perception.
  • Justice for All: The complexities of the case highlight the challenges of pursuing justice in sensitive cases of s*xual assault, raising questions about ensuring fair and thorough investigations and trials.

Danny Masterson‘s Family and Celebrity Connections:

Outside the glare of the legal battle, Masterson has a family: a daughter with actress Bijou Phillips, whose sister-in-law is Maggie Gyllenhaal. He also has close ties to his siblings, fellow actors Alanna and Christopher Masterson.

While Danny Masterson’s legal saga dominates the headlines, his personal life boasts a network of close-knit family ties and intriguing celebrity connections, offering glimpses into a world beyond the courtroom:

The Masterson Clan:

  • Siblings: Masterson is not alone in the acting world. His brother, Christopher Masterson, played Francis Wilkerson on “Malcolm in the Middle” and currently enjoys a successful career in voice acting. His sister, Alanna Masterson, stars as Tara Chambler in the hit AMC series “The Walking Dead.” Their shared passion for acting and close sibling bond paint a different picture of Masterson, highlighting his familial support amidst controversy.
  • Bijou Phillips: Masterson’s wife, actress and singer Bijou Phillips, adds another layer of celebrity connection. The daughter of Mamas and the Papas musician John Phillips, she’s appeared in films like “Almost Famous” and television shows like “Raising Hope.” Though she has remained fiercely loyal to Masterson, her own musical career and Hollywood lineage add another dimension to the Masterson family story.

Celebrity Crossovers:

  1. Scientology Connections: Masterson’s affiliation with Scientology naturally creates connections within the church’s celebrity contingent. John TravoltaTom Cruise, and Elisabeth Moss are just a few names intertwined with both Scientology and Hollywood royalty. While the influence of Scientology on Masterson’s legal case remains a topic of much debate, it undeniably connects him to a wider network of high-profile figures.
  2. “That ’70s Show” Family: The cast of “That ’70s Show” formed a tight-knit bond during their years filming together. Masterson’s co-stars Laura PreponAshton Kutcher, and Mila Kunis all went on to achieve significant success in Hollywood. While their current relationship with Masterson is likely strained given the allegations, their past camaraderie highlights another facet of his life beyond the recent controversies.
Image of Danny Masterson
Image Source: NBC News

Chronology of Key Events:

1976Danny Masterson is born in Long Island, New York.
1990sStarts acting in various TV shows like “Roseanne” and “Murder, She Wrote.”
1998Lands his breakout role as Steven Hyde in “That ’70s Show.”
2000sAppears in films like “Dracula 2000” and “Yes Man,” continues working in TV with “Men at Work.”
2012Becomes a Scientologist.
2016Stars in the Netflix sitcom “The Ranch.”
2020Multiple women accuse Masterson of rape, allegations dating back to the early 2000s.
2023Found guilty of raping three women and sentenced to 30 years to life in prison.
PresentCurrently appealing the verdict.

Danny Masterson: A Legacy Tainted by Controversy:

Danny Masterson’s story is a tapestry woven with comedy, success, and controversy. As his legal saga continues, his legacy remains complex and contested. His acting talent is undeniable, but the shadow of the allegations and conviction continue to cast a long shadow on his career and public image.

Unresolved Questions and Potential Paths:

Only time will tell how Masterson’s story will ultimately unfold. Will the appeal overturn the verdict? Will he ever return to acting? More importantly, will the ongoing legal processes bring closure to all parties involved? These are questions that continue to linger, leaving the story of Danny Masterson far from its final chapter.

Danny Masterson Movies and TV Shows:

MoviesRelease YearRuntime (min)Character Role
The Chicago 82010127Jerry Rubin
The Bridge to Nowhere200992Owen
Yes Man2008104Roger Petersen
Dracula 20002000100Luke
The Other Sister1999107Daryl
TV ShowsYearsSeasonsEpisodesCharacter Role
The Ranch2016-2018480Jameson “Rooster” Bennett
Men at Work2012-2014218Milo Foster
Cybill1996-1998462Justin Thorpe
Murder, She Wrote1985-199412264Various Guest Roles
Roseanne1988-19959232Various Guest Roles

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