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Jesse Plemons wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but he was certainly born with a knack for storytelling. From his humble beginnings in a small Texas town to gracing the silver screen alongside Hollywood A-listers, Plemons’ journey is a testament to raw talent, unwavering dedication, and the kind of charisma that makes audiences lean in, eager to see what captivating character he’ll inhabit next.

Real NameJesse Lon Plemons
NicknamesMeth Damon (due to his resemblance to Matt Damon)
Birth DateApril 2, 1988
BirthplaceDallas, Texas, USA
Zodiac SignAries
Age36 (as of October 26, 2023)
Height5′ 10″ (1.78 m)
WeightVaries, but fluctuates between 170-200 lbs (77-91 kg)
ReligionNot publicly disclosed
EducationTexas Tech University Independent School District (distance learning)
Total Number Of MoviesOver 30 feature films and shorts
Net WorthEstimated between $7 and $12 million
Income SourceActing, film endorsements
Years ActiveBegan acting in commercials at age 8, professionally since 2006
Marital StatusMarried
Current RelationshipMarried to actress Kirsten Dunst
Partner/Wife(s)Kirsten Dunst (married July 2, 2022)
Offsprings2 sons, Ennis Howard Plemons (born 2018) and James Robert Plemons (born 2021)
ParentsJim Bob Plemons and Lisa Beth Plemons
Siblings1 older sister, Jill Plemons
CousinsNot publicly disclosed
Ethnic BackgroundCaucasian
Number of Countries VisitedPlemons travels for work and pleasure, the exact number of countries visited is not publicly known.
Current ResidenceLos Angeles, California, USA
WikipediaBegan acting in commercials at age 8, and professionally since 2006
FacebookPlemons doesn’t have a verified Facebook account.
InstagramPlemons doesn’t have a public Instagram account.
TwitterPlemons doesn’t have a verified Twitter account.
Business VenturesNo known business ventures outside of acting.
PetsPlemons and Dunst have reportedly had dogs in the past, but it’s unknown if they have any pets currently.
Upcoming ProjectsUntitled Paul Thomas Anderson Film (2024): Details about this project are under wraps, but it promises another collaboration with the acclaimed director.

Early Echoes: A Young Actor Finds His Voice

Born in Dallas, Texas, in 1988, Plemons began acting at a tender age. While most kids his age were busy with crayons and swings, Plemons was honing his craft in commercials and guest appearances on shows like “Diagnosis: Murder” and “Malcolm in the Middle.” These early roles weren’t just stepping stones; they were whispers of the captivating actor he would become.

Friday Night Lights: A Star is Born

In 2006, those whispers became a roar. Plemons landed the pivotal role of Landry Clarke in the critically acclaimed NBC drama “Friday Night Lights.” His portrayal of the troubled yet endearing teenager resonated with audiences nationwide, earning him praise for his nuanced performance and undeniable screen presence. “Friday Night Lights” wasn’t just a breakout role; it was a launchpad, propelling Plemons into the heart of Hollywood.

Breaking Bad and Beyond: A Chameleon Captivates

Image of Jesse Plemons as Todd Alquist in Breaking Bad TV Series
Image of Jesse Plemons as Todd Alquist in Breaking Bad (2008) TV Series

Plemons wasn’t content resting on his laurels. He followed up “Friday Night Lights” with a string of diverse roles that showcased his remarkable range. In “The Master,” he held his own against acting giant Joaquin Phoenix, proving his mettle in a complex and layered performance. Then came the role that sent shivers down spines: Todd Alquist in the final season of “Breaking Bad.” Plemons’ chilling portrayal of the seemingly unassuming yet terrifying killer made him one of television’s most unforgettable villains.

From Fargo to Film Fest Darling: A Master of His Craft

Plemons’ talent wasn’t confined to the small screen. He graced the silver screen in critically acclaimed films like “Black Mass,” “Bridge of Spies,” and “Game Night,” each time disappearing into his characters with a chameleon-like ease. He’s worked with the likes of Matt Damon, Christian Bale, and Tom Hanks, holding his own and even stealing the occasional scene. His 2020 performance in the mind-bending psychological thriller “I’m Thinking of Ending Things” further solidified his reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the world of independent cinema.

Oppenheimer and Beyond: A Future Brighter Than Texas Sunshine

With Christopher Nolan‘s highly anticipated biopic “Oppenheimer” on the horizon, Plemons’ star shows no signs of dimming. In the film, he’ll share the screen with Cillian Murphy, Robert Downey Jr., and Emily Blunt, showcasing his talent alongside another league of cinematic giants. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. With upcoming projects like Martin Scorsese’s “Killers of the Flower Moon” and Paul Thomas Anderson’s untitled next film, Plemons’ versatility and dedication promise countless captivating performances to come.

Top of the Latest Jesse Plemons Movies and TV Shows:

Jesse Plemons MoviesRelease YearRuntime (min)Character Role
Killers of the Flower Moon2023TBATom White
The Power of the Dog2021128Phil Burbank
Judas and the Black Messiah2021126Roy Mitchell
Jungle Cruise2021127MacGregor Houghton
I’m Thinking of Ending Things2020138Jake
El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie2019122Todd Alquist
The Irishman2019209Jimmy Hoffa (young)
Vice2018132George Bush
Game Night2018108Gary Kingsbury
Ford v Ferrari2019152Denny Hulme
Black Mass2015122Kevin Weeks
Bridge of Spies2015141Joe
The Homesman2014111George Briggs
The Master2012142Dominic
Like Mike200295Ox
All the Pretty Horses2000117Grady McCallister
TV Show TitlePremiere YearSeasons/EpisodesCharacter Role
Love & Death2023Miniseries (7 episodes)Allan Gore
Fargo20144 seasons (41 episodes)Ed Blumquist (Season 2)
Breaking Bad20085 seasons (62 episodes)Todd Alquist (Seasons 5-5B)
Friday Night Lights20065 seasons (76 episodes)Landry Clarke
Black Mirror20115 seasons (22 episodes)Robert Daly (“Arkangel” episode)
Olive Kitteridge2014Miniseries (4 episodes)Young Henry Kitteridge
Drunk History20098 seasons (89 episodes)Various historical figures (5 episodes)

Personal Life

There’s no denying Jesse Plemons’ talent – the man has captivated audiences from the Dillon Panthers of “Friday Night Lights” to the chilling landscapes of “I’m Thinking of Ending Things.” But beyond the bright lights and captivating characters, Plemons leads a fulfilling life filled with family and close connections. This section delves into the personal side of Plemons, exploring his marriage to fellow actress Kirsten Dunst and his connections to other celebrities along the way.

A Match Made in Fargo:

Love for Plemons often goes hand-in-hand with admiration for Kirsten Dunst. The two met on the set of the darkly comedic anthology series “Fargo” in 2016, playing a married couple in season 2. While their on-screen chemistry sizzled, it wasn’t until later that their real-life romance blossomed.

Dunst, a seasoned actress with credits like “Bring It On” and “Marie Antoinette,” found a kindred spirit in Plemons. They bonded over their shared passion for acting and their down-to-earth personalities. As Dunst told The Hollywood Reporter, “We fell in love creatively first. He was like a creative soul mate to me and the way we both work.”

From Fargo to Family Bliss:

Their connection quickly deepened, and the couple soon became inseparable. They navigated Hollywood together, supporting each other at premieres and award shows. In 2018, they welcomed their first son, Ennis, followed by their second son, James, in 2021. Dunst proudly calls Plemons “the best dad ever” and credits him with creating a warm and loving family environment.

Their relationship inspires a sense of genuine warmth – they’re often seen holding hands, sharing knowing smiles, and simply enjoying each other’s company. Their commitment to family and their mutual respect for each other’s careers make them a true Hollywood power couple.

Beyond the Dunst Circle:

While Dunst undoubtedly holds a special place in Plemons’ life, his connections extend beyond their family unit. He’s forged strong friendships with fellow actors like Aaron Paul, his co-star from “Breaking Bad” and “El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie.” The two share a playful camaraderie, often poking fun at each other on social media and in interviews.

Plemons has also worked with and befriended Hollywood heavyweights like Matt Damon, sharing the screen in “Ford v Ferrari” and forging a mutual respect for each other’s work ethic and talent. The list goes on, with names like Tom Hanks, Christian Bale, and Cillian Murphy all gracing Plemons’ professional and personal circles.

A Man of Connection:

What truly sets Plemons apart is his ability to connect with people, both on and off screen. He possesses a quiet charisma that draws others in, making him not just a talented actor but also a good friend and a devoted family man. As his career continues to soar, one thing remains constant: Jesse Plemons is not just a Hollywood star; he’s a genuine soul who values connection, family, and the simple joys of life.

The Plemons Effect: A Legacy in the Making

Jesse Plemons is more than just an actor; he’s a storyteller. He breathes life into characters, whether they’re troubled teenagers, chilling villains, or complex individuals grappling with the human condition. His dedication to his craft, his unwavering talent, and his infectious charisma have earned him a place among Hollywood’s elite, while his humility and family-oriented nature keep him grounded.

As his career continues to soar, one thing is certain: Jesse Plemons’ name will be etched in the annals of Hollywood history, a testament to the power of raw talent, unwavering dedication, and the kind of captivating magic that can only be captured in the flicker of a projector’s light.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jesse Plemons

Jesse Plemons has captivated audiences with his chameleon-like performances, making him a figure of intrigue both on and off-screen. To satisfy your curiosity, let’s delve into some of the most frequently asked questions about this enigmatic actor:

How old is Jesse Plemons?

Born on April 2, 1988, Jesse Plemons is currently 36 years old. Despite his youthful appearance, he boasts a vast and impressive filmography that spans over two decades.

What is Jesse Plemons best known for?

While Plemons has shone in numerous roles, two performances stand out in the public eye:

  • Landry Clarke in Friday Night Lights: His nuanced portrayal of the troubled teenager in this acclaimed drama series earned him widespread recognition and critical acclaim.
  • Todd Alquist in Breaking Bad: This chillingly iconic villain cemented Plemons as a versatile actor capable of playing complex and unsettling characters.

Is Jesse Plemons married?

Yes! Jesse Plemons is married to actress Kirsten Dunst. They met on the set of “Fargo” in 2016 and tied the knot in 2022. The couple share two sons, Ennis and James.

What is Jesse Plemons’ net worth?

Estimates of Jesse Plemons’ net worth vary, but most sources place it between $7 and $12 million. With a thriving career and several upcoming projects, his net worth is expected to continue rising.

What is Jesse Plemons’ next movie?

Plemons has several exciting projects in the pipeline, but the most highly anticipated is Christopher Nolan‘s historical drama “Oppenheimer,” scheduled for release in July 2023. In this film, he stars alongside Cillian Murphy, Robert Downey Jr., and Emily Blunt.

How did Jesse Plemons lose weight?

Plemons’ weight fluctuations have sparked curiosity among fans. He noticeably gained weight between his roles in “Breaking Bad” and “El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie,” leading to speculation about drastic measures. However, the actor downplays the drama, revealing a simple solution: eating healthier. He explained to GQ Magazine, “Well, I was eating everything, and then I just stopped eating terrible food.” In interviews, he’s mentioned adopting intermittent fasting and cutting out carbs to achieve his desired weight.

Why is Jesse Plemons popular?

Plemons’ popularity stems from a multifaceted blend of factors:

  • Versatility: He effortlessly jumps between genres, embodying characters as diverse as the troubled Landry Clarke in “Friday Night Lights” to the chillingly calm Todd Alquist in “Breaking Bad.” This range keeps audiences intrigued and eager to see what captivating persona he’ll inhabit next.
  • Talent: His performances are consistently nuanced and layered, leaving a lasting impression on viewers. From the subtle emotional shifts in “I’m Thinking of Ending Things” to the bone-chillingly effective portrayal of Todd’s sociopathic tendencies, Plemons’ acting speaks volumes without needing excessive theatrics.
  • Charisma: There’s an undeniable magnetism about Plemons, both on and off-screen. His quiet confidence and genuine nature draw audiences in, making them connect with him beyond the characters he plays.

How many kids does Jesse Plemons have?

Jesse Plemons and his wife, Kirsten Dunst, share two adorable sons: Ennis, born in 2018, and James, born in 2021. The couple cherishes their family life and often gush about their roles as parents. Dunst even calls Plemons “the best dad ever,” highlighting their strong bond and commitment to raising their children.

How old is Todd in Breaking Bad?

In “Breaking Bad,” Todd Alquist is portrayed as a young man in his early 20s. However, the exact age is never explicitly stated by the show creators. While Plemons was 24 during filming, the time jump between seasons could easily push Todd’s age a couple of years further. Ultimately, the ambiguity adds to the mystery surrounding the character’s chillingly detached personality.

So, the next time you see Jesse Plemons’ name on a marquee, remember: this is not just another actor. This is a storyteller, a chameleon, a master of his craft, and a Texas-born talent who has captivated audiences from Dillon, Texas, to the bright lights of Hollywood and beyond.

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